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Welcome to Mandy Joy ♥ (Mandy Joy Loves). Thank you for stopping by. My aspirations for this space range from creative ideas, crazy thoughts, and my love for taking pictures. What better way to have a forever memory of the important things that matter in this life.

My name is Mandy. Very nice to meet you!

I live in Ohio with my husband Kevin, my two step-kiddos Brady and Natalie, and our daughter Hadley.  I'm probably the only Mom you'll ever meet that doesn't drink coffee!  Love the smell, just can't do the taste.  Everyday is an adventure. I love sharing my life with my husband and our kiddos. In our life, we shout, we clash, we kiss, we make-up, and most importantly we love.

Why call it Mandy Joy Loves?  Well my name is Mandy, and this blog is anything and everything that I love to blog about.      Life. Love. Paper. Anything.

Originally, I've been blogging since April 2011 but took a five month break because I messed up the blog domain subscription.  Sometimes all this blogging behind the scenes stuff can get confusing!  Anyways, I love to blog, and to have something to keep all of my memories in forever is just awesome. When I first started blogging, I was dating Kevin at the time, and living in my one bedroom apartment that I loved so so much. I remember sitting on the couch asking Kevin what should I blog about?  Ideas started coming, and I haven't stopped since. 
(above photo via : Sadie & Jess)

In February 2013, Kevin asked me to marry him. Eight months later, October 2013, we were married! I would not change one thing about our wedding day, it was awesome!

In November 2014, we welcomed our first child together Hadley! She has changed my world in so many fabulous ways. 

I have a love for anything artsy. Since I was a child I would tell people I wanted to be an artist when I grew up. Well that didn't happen in the professional world, but in my spare time it happens quite a bit. I love to take pictures, craft, design, paint, and be happy.

Thank you for visiting this space. I hope you leave feeling inspired, or just happy!

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