Tuesday, September 8, 2020

One week of Kindergarten.


Today marks the first full week of Kindergarten for our sweet Hadley.  We went out to dinner the first day last week to celebrate.  Grandma and Grandad gave her a fun remote control truck, followed by games of  Hangman.  All of last week, her school went half day only.  I'm guessing to get used to wearing masks everyday, and to see how things go.

On Labor Day, we checked out a playground by our house and she loved it.  Spent a long time there, we had the entire place to ourselves, and it was super clean!

After the playground, we went home to take a nice long nap.  Her and Daddy both napped.  We went bowling for a quick game, and then out to dinner.  

Her first full day of Kindergarten was today!  She did great.  I don't really understand why at this grade level they have to carry canvas bags instead of backpacks.  It's super hard to carry a lunch, water bottle, mask, etc.  But sure enough, they make do.  She was most excited to eat lunch in the cafeteria with her friends with her new lunch bag. 

After school, we stopped and got her favorite blue Icee for a special treat.  And then studied site words, and she did this willingly!  I hope she never loses her drive to learn.  

Later on after school was her first dance practice for the season!  We are trying out a different place than last year, and she loved it. 

She was such a trooper for her first full week of school.  She has been very brave for all of these new "firsts" she's been experiencing.  We are so proud of our big Kindergartner!

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