Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Hadley starts Kindergarten.

Hadley started Kindergarten today!  She has been so excited for what feels like years, she couldn't wait for this day to come.  

The past few weeks leading up to this day has been very exciting for her.  Shopping for school supplies, new shoes, etc.  I want her to have the best memories of these school days, because we all know school doesn't get easier it only gets harder.  Anything I can do to make these times for her enjoyable, I will certainly do.

The night before the big day, I gave her a bracelet.  It was such a cute thing to give her for school and to help ease all the nerves on her first day.  Bracelets from Etsy.  

The morning of was a fun breakfast!  Daddy went out and got her favorite donut (minus the sprinkles because they were out).  She woke up with the biggest smile on her face as she came downstairs.

Donut and orange juice for the big Kindergartner!

For the first month, the kids get to wear shorts and spirit wear shirts since they have to wear masks and it'll be a little hot.  Hadley loved this, but I really wanted a photo with the super cute plaid jumper but that will come in time.   

We loved the yard sign the school dropped off to us before school started!  

Oh my heart.  She was excited up until she got to the classroom.  The tears just poured out of her little face.  It was hard as a Mom to see, but just like anything else in life, things get better as we get used to them.  Not really knowing anyone in class, new environment, new teacher, new everything is hard on kids.  But I have faith that the tears stopped and she warmed up.  

Today feels like the end of the "young years" together.  School starts, and that comes with new friendships, homework, and a whole new world of newness.  A wonderful world awaits you my sweet girl, but that new beginning also closes a chapter of the baby years.  

Kindergarten is the starting point of your life beyond our family.  And that is a very good thing, but it's a bittersweet thing, too.

As you begin this journey, I have many hopes and dreams for you... 

I hope that you learn about the beautiful people in our diverse world, and you find your place within it.

I hope you find friends who laugh at your jokes, let you into their secret clubs and invite you to their birthday parties.

I hope you learn that it's more than okay to fail, it means you are pushing yourself and learn new things about yourself along the way. 

I hope you learn to do hard things, stand up for the kid others are picking on, and go out of your way to be kind. 

I hope you continue to be yourself, do your own thing, and express yourself the way your little personality shines through everywhere you go.

You're going to do amazing things.  




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