Friday, September 4, 2020

A Three Day Weekend.

What a week this has been!  Here's a little recap of what our week looked like... 

On Monday, Hadley and Daddy went to lunch, putt putt, and ice cream.  These two have a special bond for sure, she loves spending one on one time with her Dad.
She had a little bit of work to do before the first day of school.  She filled out an "All About Me" page and was really focused on writing her letters and words just right.   

Big things happened on Tuesday, Hadley started Kindergarten and is loving it! 

Grandma and Grandad met us for dinner to hear all about Hadley's big first day.

Kevin painted Hadley's room this week too.  She's been wanting to paint her room since Summer started.  So what better time to paint than the week she starts Kindergarten!  We are calling it her big girl room!  It's almost put together, can't wait to share more.   
She slept in Natalie's room one night so the paint could dry.  She looks so comfy!

It's a holiday weekend around here and we're headed to the lake!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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