Monday, April 20, 2020


Friday started out with an impromptu trim for Hadley.  I cut about an inch and a half off, nothing too crazy but enough to get rid of the dead ends.  I cannot wait until my salon opens back up, in desperate need of a trim and highlight!
Love to think of new sayings for our felt letter board.  Crazy times bring out the craziness in people!  I've been doing lots of self-reflecting with all of this time at home.  Be around the people that bring sunshine to your life!
Friday night drinking in my favorite Yeti!
Rearranged the office into a mini movie theater!  We watched the new movie Onward on Disney Plus!  Such a cute movie. 
These are the things I take daily.  I started taking D3 when the Corona virus craziness started, thought it can't hurt!
Saturday morning breakfast, eggs and strawberries!  I've been eating eggs almost every morning.
Hadley sitting under an umbrella while I cut the grass.  She's the best, entertaining herself while I mow, edge, and blow the lawn.  It takes me awhile when I do it solo, she's so patient!
After I cut the grass, we picked out different size sticks to try and touch the tallest branches in the yard.
We tried to make lemon tarts, they didn't taste too bad.  We need to find a different crust recipe.  It doesn't matter how they taste really, it's all about the experience with Hadley.  She loves to bake!
Saturday night, we did another mini movie theater in the dining room.  We watched Big Hero 6, it was good too!  Love Disney Plus.
Sunday, the girls made chocolate cupcakes from scratch.  They turned out really tasty! 
Ended the weekend with our weekly girls chat on Zoom.  Love seeing these faces and keeping in touch.  It really helps to have this to look forward to each week, we all help each other, listen to what we've been doing, etc. 

Happy Monday!  Make it a great week!

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