Friday, April 24, 2020


Here is how our week went...
Monday was my first week of being furloughed.  It's so crazy, but what am I to do but stay busy.  So that's what we did, and have kept doing.  Staying busy!  Monday morning started with Hadley giving me some crazy hairstyles.  We learned about planets, Hadley liked it for the most part and learned something new.  Breakfast was eggs and bacon for me, and cinnamon rolls and yogurt for Hadley.  After Hadleys nap, which I've been religiously having her nap everyday (Mama needs some alone time), we made earth cookies.  I found a quick sugar cookie recipe on Pinterest, we divided the dough in half and made one half blue, and the other half green.  The cookies were delicious!
After we made cookies, we went outside for some fresh air.  Did a few bike rides down the street, she just loves her new bike and is getting more and more comfortable.  After dinner, we watched Ratatouille on Disney Plus. 
Tuesday started with Hadley sleeping until 9:20am!  She's been a little off schedule just like the rest of us!  Kevin has been working so much, he left her a little note which was so sweet.  She took a shower after she woke up, and we braided her hair when it was still wet and her idea to put bows in. 
After nap, we did some site words.  She loves to do a scavenger hunt with the letters.  We've been doing these same words for two weeks now and she knows how to spell all of them without looking now!  It's time to change it up and add new words.
Wednesday morning, Kevin practiced softball with Hadley.  It's so sad her first softball season is cancelled, but she still likes to practice anyways.  Then she took a nap, and I had a doctor's appointment.  Then virtual dance class, and then more softball!  She loves it.
Thursday, I'm starting to get annoyed with my hair.  It's long, and desperately needs a highlight.  Kevin and Hadley played so much together, she has been missing him so much.  We played Monopoly Junior, it was a little old for her but she did good. 
Friday we finally made banana bread!  Our bananas were on their last leg, and it was either time to make it or pitch them.  It was a first time for both of us making banana bread.

Happy Friday!  Made it through another week.  Nothing much planned right now, the weather forecast looks like rain rain and more rain.  Probably lots of movies this weekend.  I ordered the entire Harry Potter movie set, can't wait to watch all of them in a row.  I've only watched until the third movie, so I'm excited for them to arrive!

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