Monday, March 9, 2020


Who doesn't love a clean organized fridge?  I literally cleaned every shelf, and shifted things around, threw out expired items, etc.  Shortly after this, I put in my Kroger order and re-stocked some things.
Saturday was a happy mail day!  My FabFitFun order came and it's so much fun to try all these products every few months. 
This little lady is all set for softball!  She was so excited to have her own gear, she even slept with it in her room next to her bed.  We can't wait to watch her play!  Brady was practicing with her a little bit with hitting, fielding, and catching balls.  She caught on quick for never playing in her young little life!
Drawing with chalk on the driveway never gets old.  Hadley loves it and we've accumulated a big ole bucket full of chalk.  We love it outside, the weather was just beautiful this weekend!
Hadley was so happy to have her big brother all to herself on Sunday.  We played outside all afternoon, even whipped out my old ten-speed my parents brought over a few weeks ago.  Almost felt like a little kid riding a bike, after some help from Brady it was on the hardest gear! haha

Hope everyone had a great weekend, and wherever you are the weather was just as beautiful as it was here!  Happy Monday, make it a great week!

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