Monday, March 2, 2020


Woke up to a light dusting of snow this weekend!  It was very pretty, but I'm done with winter.  I'm ready for spring and summer temperatures!
Hard to see in the net, but Natalie is #22.  She had her club volleyball tournament, across the river in Northern Kentucky so everyone got to go!  They are normally out of town, so it was nice so many family members showed up to support her.
We did each other's makeup.  She was so funny telling me she had to "blend in" her eye shadow.  She loves to be girly and then she also loves to be sporty and tom boyish.  Love this girl.
As an early birthday present, Kevin got me a new computer!  I'm so excited!  It's an HP all in one where everything is in the monitor and no tower.  I've had a laptop for so long I forget what it feels like to have an actual desktop.  I love it!
Miss Hadley has been wanting JoJo sandals for so long now, so we increased the amount of stars she has to do for her chores each week.  She did it, 23 stars in one week for a 5 year old!  As you can see, some of the chores are pretty easy but it's all about the principle of teaching her responsibility.  She has to put the star on herself, and it helps her learn the days of the week too.  She gets a star if she takes a nap at school, not at home.  It's harder to fall asleep at school, rather than in her own bed.  

Happy month of March!  I love the beginning of new months, especially when it's my birthday month!  And St. Patrick's Day is always a fun holiday.  Excited to have some family over tonight for dinner, and then meeting my Dad for lunch tomorrow on my actual birthday!  We've already celebrated with my parents and brother earlier.  Just love celebrating birthdays in general!  It's one day a year you get to celebrate you!  

Happy Monday, have a great week!  

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