Tuesday, March 24, 2020


We have started our very own Corona Virus binder!  Don't be misled, it has nothing to do with the actual virus inside.  I decided to keep a binder of all the things we do to keep busy everyday.  The binder does not have photos in it just yet, waiting on ink cartridges to be delivered from Amazon!  Everything online seems to be delayed big time as far as delivery times go.  So here it goes, the inside of the binder.
We started the binder last Thursday, and this is our list from the first day.  Nothing about this binder is hard, it's simply just papers or anything I want to print and save here.  Each weekday, we make a list of things we'd like to do, or write them down as we go.
  Hadleys coloring of Barbie.  She's really taken an interest in Barbies lately.
Coloring is so therapeutic for me, and I love to color with Hadley anytime she likes. 
Thursday night we had a tornado warning, just as Hadley went to bed I had to get her out of bed and head to the basement.  It only lasted 40 minutes or so, but never like the idea of heading down there and hearing sirens going on outside. 
 Friday's list.
I printed out a blank calendar for the next three months, to log any exercise I do.  I'm on a roll so far.  I like the visual of writing it down and seeing what I do each time.

I also plan to print out news articles, updates, photos of what we do at home, things like that.  The world is going through this together, and I wanted to do something to remember all these crazy times with. 

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