Saturday, March 28, 2020


Monday we mowed the grass for the first time this season.  After the first time, it's like at least once maybe twice a week we mow.  Hadley loved spraying off the lawn mower and making it all clean before we put it away.
Stay home people!  Just do it.  Yes it's not the most fun, but if we all do it at the same time then we will all be able to leave our house again.  The sooner the better.  We can do it! 
Eating breakfast in her unicorn dress and vest.  We don't have many rules while we are staying at home.  If she wants to eat her breakfast in a dress, then by god she can.  We are all feeling a little off these days, and it's hard to explain to our little ones what's going on in the world.  I've been a little more lenient with some things, they are experiencing this too and can't really express how they are feeling.
Learning that she is a lego master!  She can almost do this entire set all by herself.  Ordered more legos for sure.
My brother sent me this photo, it's new signage in the Kroger stores.  I love it!  Some people just don't get it and still stand directly behind you.  Keep your distance if you must go out!
Printing lots of coloring pages at the computer to break up the hours in the day. 
She looks so grown up here!  Crossing her long little legs on her little pink stool while watching one of the many movies.
Every single day I've been making our bed during this stay at home deal.  It helps me start my day off right and I hope to continue it when things go back to normal.
Making funny faces, while eating breakfast.  For the first time she tried real blueberries in her yogurt and is a fan. 
Virtual dance class was on Wednesday!  Such a great experience for her.  Her dance teacher is the sweetest, she can't wait to give all the girls a hug again soon!  At the end of each class, each girl gets a stamp on their hand and the teacher hugs them before they go.  It's the cutest!
All I needed was toilet paper and dish soap!  I don't want to go anywhere, but toilet paper is a necessity.  Before all of this Corona virus started, we were down to like 4 rolls and then mayhem happened and people started taking it like the world was ending!  Once I got to the checkout line, the cashier informed me we can only take two not three.  Only two 4-packs!  Oh well.  We've got some now and know the world will keep making it just have to get lucky and find some when we need it again.
One day we did a music themed day!  Hadley had the best time!  Most everything I find are ideas that are super simple that you can do with anything you have already in your home.  For the photo above, all you do is pour water in a glass jar at different levels, we added food coloring so you can see the different levels.  Next you take a spoon and stir each one and see the different sounds they make!
Chilling outside for a break and some fresh air.
Chalk coloring on the driveway never gets old. 
Played outside with Daddy, kicking a basketball all over the yard making up their own games.
Hadley came up with a game called the blind fold challenge.  We each took turns being blind folded and had to try to find each other by feeling around.

We had a good week overall.  I'm so thankful to be working from home!  I don't want to go anywhere, and to not go completely crazy you have to think of different things to do each day or staying home can really get to ya! 

Happy Saturday, have a great weekend! 

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