Friday, March 6, 2020


This week was my birthday!  Yay!  I just love birthdays!  To celebrate another year around the sun, and the first week of March, here are 40 things that I discovered last year that made my life better.  (Please note, the bolded text throughout this post are links).
New house : We have been in our house for a little over one year and it's been the best.  We have so much space compared to our first house.  Just about every morning as I leave for work, back down the driveway, I look at our house as I drive away and still think to myself, I can't believe this is our home.  I am grateful for our home, every single day.
Turning 40 : I've learned a great deal about the people in my life this past year.  "Girl get a new table.  Find a seat where confidence is served like cake, laughter is a side dish, conversation that raises the bar is the main course and there is absolutely no room left on the plate to speak ill of others."  -Katy  Ursta I've been obsessed with this quote, and think about it often.  I want my circle of people to want to see me win.  My circle should clap loudly when I have good news.  If not, get a new circle.  

A Skincare Routine : I've got my skincare routine pretty much down.  Most every night, I wash my face, put on a sheet mask, and then cream.  It's not so much about the different products I try, but the routine of doing it.  
Tattoo : I got my first tattoo for my 40th birthday!  When I see it on my wrist, I still think wow I have a real tattoo!  It's a small ocean wave, and it will always remind me of my love for the ocean.    

Schitt's Creek : Loved this show on Netflix, I think I binged watched all of the seasons in a month.  Totally lived up to the hype.
Vacation with Kevin : My forever beach partner.
Driveway : In the spring and summer time, we spend so much time out front in the driveway.  Riding bikes, playing volleyball, washing cars, just sitting and talking, we love our driveway!
Back deck : We also spend lots of time on the back deck, grilling, or my favorite is sitting out there at night with a citronella candle and just talking with Kev.  Can't wait for warmer temperatures!

Podcasts : I enjoyed listening to some really great shows this year (Serial, Crime Junkie, Bardstown, Sibling Revelry, Plan a Happy Life, Cold, Root of Evil, Up and Vanished, Pound This, and Dirty John. 

Girl Wash Your Face : I listened to this book on the Libby app and loved every second of it.  Loved it so much I wrote down parts that I want to remember.  When it comes to the people in our life, we have to start from the beginning, to teach ourselves to keep an open mind and look for commonalities, ignore hair, clothes, weight, race, religion, socioeconomic background.  Pay attention to things like character, heart, wisdom, and experience.  
Office Desk : Love our office desk, and the view out the window.  

Audio Books : I have found a new love of books, by listening to them instead of reading the actual book.  I listen in the mornings on the way to work, I listen at work, and listen on the way home from work.  It makes the time go by so fast, and I love it.  The app I use is called Overdrive.
Indoor Plants : So proud of myself for managing to keep two indoor plants alive!   
Farmhouse Table : This table is my favorite piece of furniture that we bought for our new house.  The chairs did not go with the table, I just bought them separate as I thought they would look great together.  We eat / hang out in here more than I ever thought we would.

Grove Collaborative : I order almost all of our home cleaning products through Grove.  What I like best about this company is I get an email once a month that reminds me it's time to order.  It's so simple, and the products are awesome!
Essential Oils : Using oils have been a game changer for me.  I've learned how to make different blends that smell amazing, or help with sickness, it's just the best.  Highly recommend getting a small diffuser and trying it out.

L'oreal Thermal Smoother Cream : Ninety percent of the time I use a straightener on my hair.  Every time I use a straightener, I use this cream beforehand.  It helps as a heat protectant which my hair needs.

TV Antenna : We haven't had cable for years now, we use a regular old antenna.  We watch the local channels and my favorite The Today Show and Ellen.  We mainly watch Netflix and movies on a regular basis.  I don't miss cable at all!
Porch Plants : Ever since I did my first planter two years ago, I love having plants on the porch.  I don't have my Mom's green thumb just yet, but I've got a pretty good start on it.  Flowers make things so much prettier!

Kroger Delivery : Kroger delivers groceries!  What else needs to be said?  I never have to leave my house, and the only thing I have to do is put the groceries away?  Sign me up.  I don't do the delivery every week, but at least 2-3 times a month.  It's fantastic.
The Happy Planner : My most favorite brand of planners is the Happy Planner.  You can read more about my love for planners here.  Each year, I look forward to picking out the planner and putting it to use.  Planners help me stay so organized!

Black Gap Vest : I wear this vest almost all winter long, it's so warm and comfy.
Chore Chart for Hadley : One of the best purchases we did for Hadley was to get a chore chart.  She does such a great job and doing chores each week.  I hope we are instilling great responsibility as she grows up into a young lady.

Adidas Sandals : All summer long these sandals are worn on my feet.  These have always been my favorite for the summer.
Vodka Soda : I've learned to love Vodka with Soda for an alcoholic beverage.  Don't get me wrong, I still love my Kroger Rum but for a change of pace I can enjoy a vodka soda also.

iWatch : Never ever thought I would like an iWatch, but thanks to my husband for getting me one I love it!  You can do so many things with it, track steps, log workouts, play music on our boat, see all phone calls, texts, and emails if you don't have the phone close by.  
Visiting Daddy at the Firehouse : So thankful we get to make trips to the firehouse to visit our favorite fireman.  It makes the twenty four hour shift not so long, we miss him when he's gone but know he's doing what he loves. 
Bar Cart : Another favorite for our house is the bar cart, we've gotten so much use out of this thing.  It's the perfect setup to hold alcoholic beverages, cups, mixers, etc.  And to decorate it for each season is fun too.  Only thing missing is I want to hang something on the wall right above it.  Haven't found the perfect piece yet. 
Driveway Chalk : we spend so many summer days on the driveway using chalk.  Drawing rainbows, drawing an outline of Hadley, so many things it's so much fun with my girl.
Desktop Computer : We've had a laptop for so many years, I don't think we've ever owned a desktop.  Kevin gifted me this all in one, and it's so awesome!
Trips to Grandma/Grandads:  So thankful for my parents who make it so fun when Hadley visits.  
Tumbler : "This is probably Rum" is my favorite tumbler, and I only use it when I travel to Florida.  
Trips to the Zoo with Daddy : Hadley is so lucky to spend her summer days with her Daddy at the zoo.  This is a selfie of these two on the train.  
Medicine Cabinet : This might sound weird to some people, like you are really going to talk about a medicine cabinet?  After living in our first house without one, and having one in our very own bathroom in our new home was so amazing to me.  We went from one bathroom with five people, to 4 bathrooms!  I actually have space to put my own personal toiletries!  It's the little things in life isn't it? 
Grilling Steak : With much thanks to my husband, I have mastered the art of grilling steak.  He used to be the griller of steak, but has since passed that wand onto me.  I couldn't be more happy for the warmer months coming up, hanging outside while the steaks grill, it's so fun.
Brotherly Love : This kid is the best big brother to Hadley.  He plays with her every time he's around her.  I love the relationship these two have made, and can't wait to see it grow as they both get older.
New Boat : We can't get enough.  This past summer was the best summer at the lake!  We would rather be in the boat than swimming or on the dock.  And, I even learned how to dock the boat by myself!  I was so excited because it's not easy, but the more I do it, the easier it'll get.  Just love our boat.
Yeti Stickers : Since Kevin became a firefighter, I've started putting firehouse stickers on my Yeti.  All I did was buy a plain silver Yeti, and adhered stickers on it.  It's my favorite cup.
Sheet Masks : As I mentioned earlier, part of my skin care routine are sheet masks.  After I wash my face each night, I put one of these on and it's so relaxing.  
Kevin's 1st Fire : My handsome hubby is on the far right.  This was his first big fire, and he was beaming for days afterwards.  

This year I have grown so much personally.  My birthday is often a time when I sit and reflect and say to myself, "you are exactly where you are meant to be.  All that has happened is part of why you sit exactly here today."  

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