Tuesday, February 18, 2020


Enjoying some of her Valentines Day treats from us.
When it's thirty something degrees outside, this one wants to put shorts, short sleeves, and flip flops on!  She is my daughter for sure.  We do love summer!
Daddy surprised Hadley with a unicorn stuffed animal the morning after Valentines Day.  He had to work late the day of, and then early to the firehouse the next day.  She was so surprised!
Added our sweet George to the mantle.  For an extra touch, put his name tag in the frame.
Brunch with my family!
A new place to Hadley for dinner.  She loved the games!
Puma outfit! 
Volunteered to do the ribbons for Natalie's volleyball team.  They came out so good for a President's Day theme!
Picked her up before nap on President's Day, played teacher and babies.  She couldn't be happier!

Had a great long weekend!  Cleaned the house a ton.  Still missing our George.  Will take awhile to get used to him not being in on our home after 9 years.  We know he's no longer in pain, but still so hard losing a pet as an adult.  Had fun girl talk on Sunday for brunch at one of my favorite places LouVino in OTR.

Happy Tuesday, which feels like a Monday!  Hope you have a great week!

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