Friday, February 28, 2020


around here went bowling this past Sunday and she just has so much fun!  She likes to sit up in this chair after her she's done with her turn.
around here cherishing this pillow sent from a very sweet friend in the passing of George.
around here Daddy teaching her how to play tic tac toe.
around here went to Ash Wednesday mass during my lunch.  Wish I would've gone on my lunch for years it was so quick and easy!
around here Hadley has been sleeping with this lamp on at night.  I was playing around with my phone and it looked really neat to have the entire rest of her room pitch black in the photo.
around here ordered this frame in preparation for Hadley to start kindergarten this year!  Can't wait to see this frame filled up with photos of her school years.
around here we've been having lots of time together while Daddy works.  This night it was Hadley's choice for dinner and of course she picked El Rancho Grande!

TGIF!  Thank the lord it is Friday!  Looking forward to seeing the big kids tonight!  They are so busy with sports and outside of school activities, it feels like forever since we've seen them.  Natalie has a volleyball tournament this weekend, but thankfully it's local so we can all go!  Most likely church on Sunday and then just chill the rest of the weekend!  Happy Friday!

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