Friday, February 7, 2020


around here loving life with this five year old.
around here Hadley has been changing her earrings almost daily, and it reminded me of when I got my top ear lobe pierced in college.  I can't believe the hole didn't close up after all this time!
around here Brady got his braces off!  He looks so handsome and grown up!
around here love the Channel 9 updates each morning about the weather.  They crack me up!
around here she tried on a new outfit she's had in her closet for almost a year.  The pants are a little short, but she looked so cute!
around here George helping shovel the driveway.  Look at his little princess paw that can't touch the wet snow.

Happy Friday!  It's been a quiet week around here, but I'm so glad the weekend has finally arrived.  It's felt like the longest week for some reason.  Kevin has been so busy working, I've been taking Hadley to school and picking her up everyday for almost two weeks.  I feel like we both need a vacation and it's only February!  Only three more months and then hopefully the warmer weather will start coming around, and we'll be able to wear flip flops again.  I'm ready to literally just chill this weekend.  We are excited to see the big kids finally, they are so busy with school activities and sports it makes it tough as they are getting older.

Have a wonderful weekend.

P.S.  Join me in Ali Edwards Pieces of us Self-Portrait Project next week!  I'm excited.

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