Wednesday, January 22, 2020


Over the long weekend, Hadley got her first fish!  A beta fish, she named Spikey.  We got one fish which should be easy enough.  And one small bowl, which is the perfect size for one little fish.  Hadley picked pink rocks for her boy fish.  It's fine right?

Guess where she came up with the name Spikey?  Apparently, in the movie Home Alone 3 the neighbor kid has a fish in their room named Spikey.  Whatever works!  Spikey the fish with pink rocks!  Rock it!
Spikey has made his home on Hadleys bedside, right next to her sound machine, water bottle, kleenex box, and monitor.  Welcome to our home Spikey.  Hope you live a long happy life!

P.S.  She sleeps like her Mama!

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