Thursday, December 5, 2019

our christmas stockings.

We have had our Christmas stockings ever since we moved into our first house.  Each of them have all of our names, and a different character on them.  Our dog George even has one!  Hadley keeps checking it to see if Santa has brought him anything yet, it's so cute!
On the left side of the mantle are Dad, Mom, and Brady.  Dad the Santa, Mom the Mrs. Claus, and Brady the snowman.
On the right side of the mantle are Natalie, Hadley, and George.  Natalie the gingerbread man, Hadley the polar bear, and George the moose.
The quality of these stockings are fantastic!  They are thick, tough, and the material stands up for the one month we hang them on the mantle.  The rest of the 11 months of the year, they remain in our Christmas bin well protected.
I've always wanted a beautiful mantle like this to hang stockings on, and so very grateful we finally have one.  We use command strips to hang them because they are super simple and you can't really see them unless you are as tall as the mantle.  I love the vibe these stockings give off for the holiday season, and look forward to hanging them every Christmas!

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