Monday, December 23, 2019

from the weekend.

Who loves some crisp clean vacuum lines?  This girl.
Finally got the angel up, the week before Christmas!
Baby Minnie had to join in for the Saturday morning shower.  Bathing suit, life jacket and all.  Hadley has loved this baby since she got it as a gift for her 2nd birthday I believe.
We've been having so much fun with Snitch our elf.
We made lots and lots of cookies with my Mom.  Pictured above are the ones Hadley did!
She's been so excited all weekend to see the REAL Santa!  He moved from Macy's, to the Carew Tower, and now at Rising Star Casino!  This was the first year she has actually sat on his lap, she walked right up to him, despite saying she's nervous over and over while waiting in line.  She did great!

We had a great weekend!  All things were very festive!  Enjoyed having my parents over to bake cookies.  My Dad was the main cookie taste tester.  It was so much fun, and most of all, more memories made for sweet Hadley.

Happy Monday folks!  Have a great holiday week!  Oh, and happy first day of Winter (from Saturday)!

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