Tuesday, December 17, 2019

christmas decor.

Happy Tuesday and last week before Christmas!  I've been anticipating this post, my Christmas home tour!  I love decorating our home for the holidays.  This time last year, we were just moving in and getting settled.  Now that we've been in our home an entire year, we've had more time to get established.  We don't have a "theme" per say, just Christmasey is what I like to call it.
In all of the windows are LED candles that flicker, we didn't put lights on the outside this year but I love the vibe the candles in the window give off.  If you look closely, you can see Hadley in the front door window!
The Christmas wreath on the front door I made myself, which didn't really take a lot of effort.  I bought the wreath at Michaels when it was on sale for Black Friday, and bought the ribbon and just tied it to the wreath.  It took a couple YouTube videos to make that bow, it's actually two bows in one.  The wreath overall is very simple, but I love it!
Our garden flag out front is in such good condition, since we only use it once a year for the month of December.  Have yourself a merry little Christmas!
As you step into the house from the front door, we have a little Santa on the wall above the light switch.
Our downstairs bathroom is looking very festive.  The hand towels are actually kitchen towels, but Hadley loved the Santa one and since we wash our hands in this bathroom the majority of the time this is where they will be.  Towels are towels right?  On the shelves in the bathroom above the toilet, I put random Christmas items I've collected over the years.  I love these shelves because you can swap out little items for each holiday/season.
The farmers market basket sits on the top of the toilet, I stuck a Christmas fake pine cone in there.  And you always have to have poo-pourri!  We love this stuff and I love the Secret Santa scent!
Snitch, the elf brought a Santa toilet cover!  Hadley couldn't believe he brought this and was just so amazed.  I absolutely love watching Hadley get so excited during the Christmas time!  The farmers market basket is now on the sink, because this cute little thing comes with a tissue box holder that covers the toilet lid.  It's so cute and festive!
Our living room!  We still do not have the angel up, but it'll be up this weekend for sure.  We are also missing the top of the tree because it won't fit without hitting the ceiling!  haha  We have plans to get a new tree one of these days, but for now it works for us.
Our advent calendar!  Finally found one with the old Santa on it that reminds me of my Grandma June's house.  I used to make one every year, or do something homemade, but I've been wanting to find one that we can use every year without it getting messed up.  This one is perfect!  Each number is a little pocket to put candy, toys, or experiences inside.  
We started having a Christmas breakfast a few years ago, but this will be the first one in our new house!  I have more decorations to put on the table, but those will wait for Christmas morning.  Have to have a few surprises for the kiddos!  The "noel" candle holder in the center was made by my Grandpa Vince.
Tried something new this year and did some garland over the kitchen sink.  It's a little short, but I still like it.  Thought about adding white lights to the garland, but wasn't sure how it would work with the outlet being so close to the sink.
I love photos of Christmas trees all lit up!
This Christmas season, we have been watching the movie Home Alone over and over and over.  Hadley just loves it.  I don't mind much either, it's my favorite Christmas movie and I'm the type that can watch most movies over and over.  So the famous movie quote, "Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal" was very fitting for our felt board.
The stair railing is probably my favorite decoration in the house!  It took some time to get it wrapped just right with floral wire, and then to add the lights and ribbon, it's not easy but I love how it turned out.  I think I'm obsessed with the Christmas tree in the red truck image for Christmas, it's my favorite.  Earlier this month I wrote about our Christmas stockings , you can read more about that post here, and to see the photos.
Just magical.

I love Christmas time.  I could add a ton more decorations in this house.  All four bathrooms could be Christmas, maybe that will be for next year.  For the first full year in our new house, I'm super happy with our little decorations for this magical time of year!

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