Thursday, November 21, 2019

dear hadley / 5 years.

Dear Hadley,

Today you are 5.  Your Dad and I can't believe you are 5!  Happy Birthday babe!  You are so excited to celebrate your birthday.  I feel like I say this every year, but I still can't believe we've made it this far.  Each year seriously gets better and better.  I love the young little girl you are growing up to be.

I love how quickly you are grasping new concepts and expanding your vocabulary.  I love that we can carry on real conversations.  I absolutely love that you will say "I love you Mama" out of the blue for no reason at all.  It makes my heart just melt, every time.  Even though it can be a little exhausting, you sure do have opinions about what you want to wear and where you want to go.  Each year, it seems, keeps getting better and better and I'm trying my best to remember it for what it is.

You definitely know much more than I think you do.  Almost daily, I am shocked by something new, some antic or word you've picked up.  And the best part is you will use the newly found word or phrase in the proper way.  It makes my grammar loving self beam with happiness.

You are in your last year of preschool, and you love to help your teachers out.  They always say you are so willing to help, you will clean up other peoples mess without any hesitation, you are a great listener, and you will sit patiently until it's your turn to do something.  I don't want to fast forward your little life, but I cannot wait until you are in kindergarten.  You talk about it all the time, you can't wait to go to a big school and learn lots of things.  You have mastered writing your full name on paper, still need to work on your little a's, but you've got all the other letters down for the most part.  You want to be the smartest girl in kindergarten.  I love how you will grab a piece of paper, and just start writing or drawing.  You are loving site words, and writing them out.  I hope you never lose your willingness to learn!

The biggest thing you are looking forward to for your birthday is getting your ears pierced.  You have wanted them pierced since you were 4, but we decided to wait until you turned 5.  So here we are.  You've even watched YouTube videos of little girls getting their ears pierced, and you still can't wait to get it done.  You are growing up so fast.

Your favorite place to eat dinner at is still Cancun.  You love the white cheese, just like your Daddy and I.  You want to go there for dinner any time we say we are going out to eat.  We've created a white cheese lover!  I will admit, you have gotten braver and braver when it comes to trying new foods.  Nine times out of ten you won't like it, but at least you are trying different foods!

Being your Mom is the greatest joy of my life.  You are kind, brave, smart and beautiful.  You are such a bright light in our family and it's been the best to watch you grow and help you along the way.  I can't wait to see where this next year takes you.

I love you Hadley Mae.  Happy Birthday.


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