Monday, November 18, 2019

from the weekend.

Celebrated Brady turning 15!  His birthday was on the 10th so we celebrated this past weekend.  I made him a cake, the frosting was homemade and so so good! 
Saturday morning while Dad and Natalie were at a volleyball meeting, these two were on the couch watching YouTube videos together.  So cute!
Sunday we went to my parents house and Hadley had a grand old time baking cookies with Grandma.  She loves to be in the kitchen.  So much she had flour all over her face.  Grandma says, you know the cookies are going to turn out good when the kitchen is a mess!

We had a great weekend, was nice to spend time all together.  We did family photos on Saturday and Miss Natalie is a straight up comedian, she was hilarious.  Every time we'd try to set up the timer, she would run to get the camera to check the photo and most times she would run too soon and the photo would be of her running.  Her demeanor was just too funny!  The big kids are super active in sports, school, etc., and it makes it hard to find a good balance to make time for each other.  This past weekend they had no activities, besides a volleyball meeting, and it was nice to just "be" together.  Hadley just adores her big brother and sister and gets so excited every time they are at our house.  She wants them to stay and never leave.  We are looking forward to the holidays and making more memories in our new house!

Happy Monday folks!

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