Tuesday, November 12, 2019

from the long weekend.

Started off our long weekend with a trip to Kroger to start the shopping for Thanksgiving!  Hadley pushed around the little Tom in her little cart.  And since Grandma was with us, she always manages to get a little something extra as you can see Elsa jammies in her cart too.
On Saturday, we ventured out in the bitter cold for the UC Homecoming Parade!  Hadley wanted to wear two buns but we only have one UC bow so we made it work.  I love marching bands, and especially the Ooooh Ooooh Oooooh U C song!  It was super super cold, but we had a good spot on the street and it was a fun parade to see.  My favorite part was all the handmade fraternity floats with the young kids partying on the float.  Oh to be young again!  
Happy 15th Birthday to Brady!  He was not with us this weekend, but we were thinking of him on his special day.
We had a family dinner Saturday night, it was fun to see everyone.  Hadley and her cousin Adalynn just have a ball together.
Sunday morning, Kevin and I cleaned the house like a good deep clean.  Hadley helped me scrub the showers, which is my least favorite thing to clean ever!  Hadley played so well upstairs in her room and with her babies.  She's going to make a great Mom one day.
Sunday night we celebrated Kevin turning 40 with my family.  My Mom brought a sparkler as a candle.  Good thing he's a fireman right?!?!  
With Veteran's Day being a government holiday, I was off work Monday!   Did some major deep cleaning with the carpets and the kitchen/hallway tile.  Smells so fresh and the floors are super shiny.  Amazing what some super duper cleaner will do.  
The super tan skinny fella on the left is my Dad, he was a Marine.  The guy on the right is my Uncle Hank, he was a Navy pilot.  Happy Veteran's Day (yesterday).
Monday night we got our first snow fall!  I will always be a summer girl, but the first snow is always so pretty!  Hadley was so excited when she saw the snow coming down, she ran upstairs and got on her snow boots and wanted to be the first one outside in it.  Side note, I soo need to cover our grill!

Happy Monday, make it a great week!

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