Friday, November 8, 2019

around here.

around here sent out the Thanksgiving Day invites!!!  We are so excited to host this year.
around here Hadley wearing my vest being a goofball.
around here have always voted since I turned 18.  Hope you all voted!
around here this lucky girl got a big treat for getting her flu shot.  Daddy took her and she cried before she got the shot, but didn't cry when she got it.  She's such a good kiddo.
around here love this little outdoor decor for Thanksgiving / Fall.  Stuck it right in the middle of our big pot on the front porch.

It's been one hectic week, and we have a hectic weekend up ahead too!  But a fun hectic weekend!  So.  Many.  Things.  This time of year is when things get super super busy, the holidays, get togethers, birthdays, it all seems to just rush on by when November arrives.  Had some serious things come up earlier in the week, and it really makes you think about the people in your life.  I'm glad I have the troops in my life I have now.  The ones that I don't talk to as much anymore, well, there's always a reason for that.  Life is too damn short to have drama mama's, ain't got time for that!     

Always glad for the weekends, the weather looks like it'll be sunshine but chilly.  Guess we can expect that from now on.  For Saturday, going to a parade during the day, and then dinner with the family on Sunday!  Love my family!

Happy weekend.  Have a good one.

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