Tuesday, October 22, 2019

how we spent our 6th wedding anniversary.

Our anniversary weekend started out with going to the Weber Pumpkin Festival.  This festival used to be called Minges and I have fond memories of going there with my Grandma when we were little, but now Weber has taken over and it's totally changed.  We still had fun, but it was a little crowded and too big.  
Saturday night we went to a new place for dinner called The Butcher and Barrel it was good!  After dinner we just went to a few random places for some drinks.  
Sunday we went to the Bengals game with my BIL & SIL.  We had a blast!  

The weather this past weekend was absolutely gorgeous, couldn't have asked for better weather.  Good times celebrating our marriage, and even more good times hanging out with family.  

Happy Tuesday!  Make it a great week!

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