Monday, October 7, 2019

from the weekend.

Started off our weekend grilling on the back deck, and watching this little one sing some songs.  Her favorite, like every other kid right now is Old Town Road.  She sings it over, and over, and over.
Did some work from my desk, just love the view looking out into our backyard.  Pretty soon all of those leaves will be gone.
Went to a fall wine festival with my Mom, it was so nice out.  Love just chilling and hanging out with her.
We managed to visit Daddy at the fire house at his new "temporary" home for now.  It's fun to check out all of the different fire houses, at this house we found an old picture of my father-in-law hanging up in the office.
The view from our bedroom upstairs, it was the perfect weekend weather.  The kind you can open up the windows and feel the crisp air.  Fall is here finally!

Happy Monday folks, make it a great week!

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