Friday, October 4, 2019

around here.

around here making slime with the best slime maker.
around here coloring before bed time has been a favorite this week.
around here went to El Rancho Grande to celebrate our 10 year dating anniversary.
around here George loves laying next to his Daddy haha
around here love when her blinds are up and the natural light is amazing in her room.

Happy Friday!

So excited the fall temperatures are finally here, let's hope they stay here though!  I'm ready to buy some mums for the front porch, see all the leaves change colors, and be a little bit chilled when we go outside.  I'm ready.  I love summer for sure, but ready for a change and here we are the first week of October and it's finally decided to feel like Fall.  Tonight we are going to sit on the back deck after the kiddo goes to bed, tomorrow going to drink some wine, and Sunday watch the Bengals.  Nothing major, but looking forward to the weekend!

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