Tuesday, September 3, 2019

labor day 2019.

Our Labor Day weekend started out with two tired kiddos, and one excited kiddo in the middle.  When the two older ones come back to our house, they are almost always exhausted but they'll be okay.  Not pictured is George who gets the front seat most times.
Hadley has gotten so brave this summer, she is so comfortable in the water much more than last summer.  She jumps off the diving board, and the dock now.  She's a lake girl for sure!
Hadley and her cousin going tubing together.  Hadley went from going super duper slow, to a medium speed now.
Breakfast on the top deck, overlooking the lake.
The older cousins sitting in the front of the boat.  This is the favorite spot to sit for all the kids.
This photo is the only proof I have that Bridgett and I went tubing and got tipped over.  We couldn't stop laughing, and I managed to save my Yeti!
Max and Hadley in deep thoughts.
Max man tubing solo.
We have had the best weather this summer.
We always go see the horses, and this time they weren't around.  The garage was closed, and not a soul in sight.  Maybe on vacation or at a horse show.
These two get a little bored sometimes when the older kids want to surf and tube.
Hadley loves to surf with Uncle Brian, she's not afraid at all.  When they fall, he lets the board go down very slowly so she doesn't go under really fast.  I hope she wants to start trying on her own by next summer!
Brady and Uncle Brian surfing together, it's hilarious to watch.  I mean just look at those smiles!
My man surfing, he's a natural.
This was the ride back to the house to put our precious boat away for a few weeks.  We hope to be back at least one more time!
George supervising the cleaning of the boat.
All the seats, windows, dash, cup holders (which get so disgusting really fast) were all cleaned, and the boys sprayed down the exterior with the hose and soap.  Now all we need is tire shine for the tires on the trailer!

We had a great Labor Day weekend, although it's always a little sad because summer is coming to an end.  I really am going to miss weekends at the lake.  Our new boat has really brought us closer as a family.  It's been such a blast!

Happy short work week peeps!

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