Monday, September 30, 2019

from the weekend.

Future blogger right here.  Hadley loves to sit at my desk, pretending to do work on the laptop.
Got Hadley an organizer for all her paper things in her room.  She's got coloring books, stickers, and random pads of paper (just like her Mama) everywhere.  Kevin put this together so they are not all over the floor anymore.  Purchased from Amazon.
Saturday we went to our cousins graduation party, it was so much fun.  The kids all have a blast together, and it was great seeing family outside of the lake setting.
We left the party for Natalie's volleyball game.  She is such an awesome player (#22 in the back), such a huge difference just from last year!  And they won two out of three games!
After the game we went back to the party since it was super close and hung out for a little while longer.  It was a super late night for the kids, but we all had a blast.

Ready to get this week started!  Have a good one!

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