Friday, September 27, 2019

around here.

around here I made a delicious dinner.  White garlic chicken on Naan bread, cheesy/bacon potatoes, and asparagus.  So so good.
around here got to check out the Grand Opening of the new Kroger On The Rhine.  It was awesome.
around here it was so awesome I was the 100th customer and I won $100 gift card to Kroger!
around here George has never laid like this before, for like 10 minutes straight.  Must've been comfy.
around here my 2020 planner plus accessories arrived!!!
around here came down with a sore throat and wasn't feeling the greatest.  Hadley was going through her Kindergarten book and watching TV, patiently waiting for Daddy to come home.  She's such a good kid.

Thank God It's Friday. 

Up for the weekend is volleyball games for Natalie, and a graduation party.  It'll be fun to catch up with family and friends this weekend.  Just wish it would be a little cooler than 90 something degrees out!  Oh well.  We'll take the sunshine and warmth while it's still here right?  This is good car washin weather.

Happy weekend folks, hope it's great!

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