Friday, September 20, 2019

around here.

around here started a new dance class and she loves it!
around here a clean room makes Mama happy.
around here organized Hadley's markers.
around here our big watchdog.

TGIF!  First week back after vacation went super slow, but also super fast.  Mondays and Fridays seem to just fly by for me which I'm not complaining.  I'm so glad it's the friggin weekend.  This weather we've had has been absolutely wonderful.  Sunshine, and more sunshine.  Hard to believe the first day of Fall is Monday with all this warm weather.  I do not want to rush summer outta here, please stay as long as you are able to.  We love the sun and being outside.  Dreading putting on winter coats, and snow, and blah weather.  Nothing planned this weekend.  The big kids come back, and Hadley is stoked!  She loves her Bubby and Sissy!

Have a great weekend folks!

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