Thursday, August 8, 2019

kitchen table update.

I've been wanting to change out the fabric in our kitchen table chairs for awhile now, and finally got around to it!  We have had this table since 2009, and I think it was Kevin's parent's table when they first got married, so in other words this thing is old! 
If you plan to do this yourself, I suggest investing in a small staple gun.  I have one and it's super easy to use.  First thing I had to to do was remove all the staples, I used a knife to go underneath and pull from side to side to get the staple out.  As you can see, the blue striped fabric was the original fabric from my husbands parents.  The brownish color that is on top, is what I used for our first home
I kept the original fabric on the seats to give it some extra padding.  When cutting the fabric, I used the previous piece to measure out the new fabric.  Make sure to cut around where the screws go into the base of the chairs!  I did not.  Had to go back through all of them and re-do it!  Lesson learned.
Here is the finished product!  Brightens the table up so much!  Eventually we'd like to get a new table, but this one will do for now since it's where we congregate the most.  Hadley loves to paint, draw, etc. on this table and it's had it's share of projects done on it.  I had hoped to have enough fabric left over to make a tablecloth, but sadly did not.
Love the way it turned out!

(Fabric via : Joann)

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