Thursday, August 1, 2019

hello august.

Hello August!  So nice of you to show up.  You could've told July she could stay just a little awhile longer.  August means that school is starting soon for most kids, not my sweet four year old though, she's got one more year of preschool.  But anyways, school is upon us, and then after school starts comes the beginning of every store across America having Fall and Christmas decor up!  It's too soon!  I don't want summer to go just yet.

Something I am most proud of last month:
We bought a boat.  And it's awesome.

Something I want to work on this month:
Cleaning out the garage so Kevin's car can fit. 
My goal is to have the entire space cleaned out before winter gets here.

Something I want to complete this month:
Watch what I eat better.  Much much better.

(Photo via : Pinterest)

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