Monday, August 19, 2019

from the weekend (lake edition).

Friday ended with a trip to the doctor for an ear ache.
Ear drops for an outer ear infection.
Saturday morning while Daddy slept, we made chocolate chip cookies.
She's the best helper.
Arrived at the lake.  Babies and all!
Ready for the first boat ride of the day, baby's first boat ride too.
Grandma Gail made baby a life jacket.
Dropped Grandma & Papa off at a party.
Came back to the house to grill our steaks.
Cruised the lake until it was time to pick up Grandma and Papa.
George wasn't a fan of the bonfire.
Such a great night for a bonfire.
Sunday morning our regular trip to see the horseys.  Brought baby along.
Had some friends down.
We've been enjoying our new boat so much, we haven't taken the pontoon out this entire summer.  George was excited since he can go on the pontoon.

This weekend was so nice, relaxing, and just uneventful.  Chilling at the lake with nothing to do is the best.

Happy Monday, have a great week!

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