Friday, August 30, 2019

around here.

around here we celebrated Hadley's first day at her new school by going out to eat at the place of her choice.  She wanted her #1 favorite Cancun, but we convinced her to go to El Rancho Grande which is much closer to our house now.
around here we celebrated after dinner by going to Graeters for ice cream.  Her favorite flavor is Cotton Candy because it's blue.  Since it was raining outside, we got a little wet coming into Graeters.  We were freezing!  So we decided to eat the rest at home in warmth, since it's a 2 minute drive home.
around here loving my new lunch box for work.  I received it from the FabFitFun add-on sale, but I cannot find the link online.  Only found it on ebay which is weird!
around here Hadley got some new jammies for fall/winter and wanted to tuck in the shirt because it's a little long on her.  She had to stand on the bathroom counter so she could see the full look.  That girl has her own sense of style for sure.
around here did a little organizing in the office.  Made a house binder that includes all of the appliances, things we've purchased such as ceiling fans, and receipts the previous owner kept, etc. 
around here love it when I come home from work and find these two playing in her room.  No iPad, just plain old playing with actual things and not electronics!
around here more organizing in the office.  Made a bin for Hadley going through school, she brings home so much from preschool I can't imagine how grade school, high school, and college is going to be.  I want to have all of these memories for her as she grows up.
around here she tried a drumstick for the first time and loved it!  You never know with this picky girl.  These drumsticks are the "mini" ones, which are totally perfect for kiddos.

Friday is here.  The long holiday weekend is here.  And yet again, another gorgeous weekend up ahead weather wise.  Couldn't have asked for a better summer with the weather, the weekends have been so nice with lots of sunshine.  Can't wait to kick off the holiday weekend at the lake!  In my book, Labor Day weekend means summer is over.  Insert sad face here.  So I'm going to soak up every second of the weekend, enjoy watching the kids have a blast on the boat, and just enjoy the end of summer. 

Have a good one!

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