Tuesday, July 23, 2019

series shows on Netflix: part 2.

We love Netflix.  Who doesn't right?  At least I hope you have Netflix, or know someone who does to watch it.  It's still the best invention ever.  We watch it all the time.  We still don't have cable, it's been years now.  

Last year, I talked about what we loved to binge watch here.  The list has changed a little bit, below are some of my new favorites...
Dead To Me - This one was a little slow at some parts, but overall it was a good one.  Christina Applegate is sad and angry over the sudden death of her husband, and she meets a new friend at a support group.  
Friends From College - One of the couples move to New York to reconnect with old college friends.  It's about their life together, with lots of secrets that unfold!  I binged watch the entire two seasons in two weekends. 
Tidying up with Marie Kondo - I tried so hard to watch this, but could only watch the first episode and that was a struggle.  Marie Kondo was super popular real quick, and then it died down.  
Ozark - Watched the first season, was pretty good.  It's about money laundering and drug lords, and the survival of Jason Bateman's family.  I love Jason Bateman, so anything he's in I'll watch for the most part.  Season 2 is on my list!
Girlfriends Guide to Divorce - Literally just started watching this, and there are five seasons!  I'm on the 2nd episode of Season 1 and love it so far.  Ready to dive into this one and see how it goes.
Stranger Things - Re-watched the last two episodes of Season 2, and then started Season 3.  You either love this one or hate it.  Surprisingly enough, I love it!  I hope they keep it going, but not sure what the talk is on that yet.  

Well there you have it folks, more favorites from Netflix right now.  Have you watched any of these?  What are your favorites on Netflix?  Always up for new shows to watch!

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