Monday, July 8, 2019

4th of july recap.

For our 4th of July this year, we decided it was time to get a new boat!  Our old boat was 21 years old, it still ran fine but when an opportunity comes like this you take it right?  We are so in love with this boat it's crazy!   
Kevin with the biggest smile, driving the boat for the first time.
This kid is truly living her best life, love all of these memories we are making for her childhood.
All of our family in the boat, except for Brady and Natalie.  They were out of town at a baseball tournament.  Can't wait for them to see it!
We went home for a day because Kevin had to work, so Hadley and I ventured to Target where she bought another toy she's been eyeballing with her allowance money.
Back to the lake and ready to enjoy the sunshine!
My brother-in-law trying out our new surfboard.
Lake hair don't care, we had so much fun!
Our cove had a band play, so many people came by boat or float, it was awesome!
I've been battling bronchitis for the last few weeks, and the doc gave me stronger antibiotics which apparently has side effects of sensitivity to the sun!  I hope that's what this is because it hurts!

Hope everyone had a nice long holiday weekend!  We certainly did!  Happy Monday!

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