Friday, June 28, 2019

around here.

around here this was my home for three days straight.  Hadley gave me her bunny to snuggle with while I was sick.
around here enjoying our back deck.
around here drawing after dinner, and George wanted in on the fun.
around here sitting on the deck after the babe went to bed, talking with the hubs.
around here Hadley was asked to be the helper for the magic show at school.
around here my Mom sends me photos of the hydrangeas in her side yard.  They are from our wedding 6 years ago this year!
around here someone got to enjoy the lake all to herself!

TGIF!  Thank goodness it's Friday and the sunshine is out!  We've had a pretty mellow week, but have to say my favorite night was when Kevin and I sat outside on the deck after Hadley went to bed.  I love doing that, it's the best.  Got my haircut and highlighted this week, it always feels good to get the hair done.  And went to dinner with some friends.

Up for this weekend is nothing!  Love having nothing planned!  Plan on enjoying the weather, and hoping the rain stays away for the weekend.  Have a good one!

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