Friday, June 28, 2019

around here.

around here this was my home for three days straight.  Hadley gave me her bunny to snuggle with while I was sick.
around here enjoying our back deck.
around here drawing after dinner, and George wanted in on the fun.
around here sitting on the deck after the babe went to bed, talking with the hubs.
around here Hadley was asked to be the helper for the magic show at school.
around here my Mom sends me photos of the hydrangeas in her side yard.  They are from our wedding 6 years ago this year!
around here someone got to enjoy the lake all to herself!

TGIF!  Thank goodness it's Friday and the sunshine is out!  We've had a pretty mellow week, but have to say my favorite night was when Kevin and I sat outside on the deck after Hadley went to bed.  I love doing that, it's the best.  Got my haircut and highlighted this week, it always feels good to get the hair done.  And went to dinner with some friends.

Up for this weekend is nothing!  Love having nothing planned!  Plan on enjoying the weather, and hoping the rain stays away for the weekend.  Have a good one!

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

house update / living room.


We did lots of updates in the living room!  As you can see in the before photo, the walls were a sunflower yellow, and the previous owners left the drapes.  We did things a little different in this room, instead of having the traditional living room or as some people call it the nice furniture you can't sit on room, we switched it up a bit.  We put a new dining room table in this room, with a bench to put backpacks and work bags on, and a bar cart.  
Here is what you see from the big wall, the bar cart on the left, table in the middle, and the bench on the right under the windows.  The wall color is our favorite Silver Marlin, it is the best light gray color, so much better than boring white.  
This view is standing in the front door hallway, you see the bench under the window.  Kevin and I made that bench from our first home, and have used it ever since.
On the back wall, we hung our wedding photos up along with the antique gun we purchased for part of our wedding decor.
Standing on the window side of the wall, you see the bar cart and the entry way into the office.
Here's a closer look at our bar cart, we just love it!  It's actually called a kitchen cart, but I thought it worked better for the drinkey drinks!
Love our living room / dining room.  We've eaten in here for parties, but not as a family yet.  Plans to do that for sure!

Product Links:
Wall Color - Silver Marlin

Monday, June 24, 2019

hello monday.

Hello Monday!

I'm back from the living.  After being sick for almost a week, I'm back.  Last week I started feeling bad, just icky, and coughing like a crazy person.  So I went to the doctor a week ago today, they said it's nothing.  Went back to the same doctor last Thursday, they diagnosed me with Sinusitis, gave me amoxicillin, after 4 doses of that I was feeling the same if not worse.  My gut told me to go to the Little Clinic on Saturday, and they diagnosed me with Bronchitis!  Geesh.  After a few long hours of waiting, they gave me a steroid and something to help with the cough/congestion.  Man, I feel like a brand new woman!  Knock on wood, I haven't gotten sick in over a year and this one hit me like a ton of bricks.  Sucks getting old.  Literally, was in bed all day and night since Thursday.  It feels good to be back in the real world.  I missed it!

Up for this week, finally getting my hair done, and clean the house little by little, since I've been sick it's a hot mess.  When Mama is down, everything else goes with it.  That's pretty much it for this week, and hope to keep it that way!

Here's to Monday, it's going to be a good one.

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Friday, June 21, 2019

hello summer!

Hooray, horray!  We made it. If you've read this blog for awhile, you know summer is my season.  Love this season.  This photo was taken on our back deck, while my daughter and I ate dinner one evening.  We just love being outside.  June has been a very rainy month, let's hope that settles down soon and more sunshine is upon us. 

On my list to do for summer is, make a summer bucket list, figure out how to document summer memories, be outside more than inside, grill, take walks, and so much more. 

Summer, I'm so glad you are here.

Happy weekend!