Wednesday, May 8, 2019

week in the life 2019 / tuesday.

Today I will be sharing my Tuesday photos and words for the Week in the Life project. All photos were taken with my iPhone.  

Here is a look into my Tuesday photos and words...
Morning light that comes into my office at work is just glorious, love it so much!
Mid-morning snack of an orange.
Driving home with an empty car because Kevin picked up Hadley from school today.
Wrote out some birthday cards for this month.  I'm a little late with some of them, better late than never!
Went outside for a little bit, Hadley loves to ride her tri-cycle and her big girl bike everyday after school.
We need some good garage sittin chairs.
She's been wanting sliders for awhile now, they are just a little big but good enough to wear.
Impromptu drive to dinner, went to McDonald's and brought it home.
Even though George seems to be in pain, he jumped in the car to go with us.  He loves car rides.  
After we got home and ate, George tried to find a comfy spot to lay down.  He went to doggie day care for two nights while I was out of town and Kevin worked.  When he came back, he will randomly whelp in pain.  He's got a doctor's appointment this week, so let's hope it's nothing serious.
Watching Night At The Museum again.  She'll watch movies over and over, thank goodness she's out of the Santa Paws movie phase.
Saying goodnight to George.
She opted for a movie on her iPad instead of a book. Watched a few minutes of Boss Baby.

After Hadley went to bed, I went into our room with every intention of writing in my planner but quickly fell asleep.  Kevin was at work.  I passed out within a few minutes.  Here's to Tuesday!

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