Friday, May 10, 2019

week in the life 2019 / thursday.

Today I will be sharing my Thursday photos and words for the Week in the Life project. All photos were taken with my iPhone.  

Here is a look into my Thursday photos and words...
Love having our own bathroom cabinet for all of our stuff, at our old house we shared one bathroom between the 5 of us!  This is much much better.  I leave this cabinet open in the morning until I'm done getting ready.
Wore my hair curly today, I always flip my head over and put gel and hairspray in my hair.
Woke up little Miss, lately she's been sleeping with this little light up watch Grandma gave her.  She's always been a great sleeper, so anything like this doesn't bother me to let her sleep with because she goes right to sleep regardless of what she puts in her bed with her.
After she brushes her teeth and hair, we head downstairs and grab our lunches and bags to head to the car with.  She's adjusting her watch to wear to school, since she learned how to put it on herself.
She chooses to watch her iPad either on the way to school, or on the way home from school, not both.  Most days it's on the way to school.  On the way home from school, she is chatty Kathy telling me all about her day.
We arrive at school, and she always races to get to the door before me.
We are normally the first ones there in her class, so we head upstairs and she puts her lunch box in the fridge.
On my short drive to work, I always love this view in the mornings.  The city skyline and the sky always look so pretty.
The ancient elevator numbers.
My head has started to peel from my girls trip to Florida.  Texted the girls that I should've worn the old lady visor haha
I've been pretty busy at work lately, I'm taking over billing now so I've been training everyday this week so far.  The only photo I took during the day was after a huge downpour, and this is the aftermath out of my office window.
After I picked up Hadley, got home to a surprise of flowers!  Kevin had them delivered early for Mother's day.
After I got all the flowers cut and in the vase, we started a quick dinner.  Hadley has been begging to get ice cream for dessert, so we came up with a plan.  If she showered after dinner, and it was still semi-early enough we could get dessert.
Cooked up a pound of ground beef for me.
Discovered Hadley loves pepperoni, so a pepperoni lunchable for dinner it is!
Taco meat for me, and leftovers for another time.
As promised, after her shower, we went to get ice cream.  In her Little Mermaid jammies and all.  Blue Moo UDF ice cream is her favorite.
We ate outside, it was a beautiful night.
Back home, and watched a few minutes of Dennis the Menance.
While doing an egg puzzle from Easter.
Upstairs for bed time!  She started using a small fan for at night until we get her big ceiling fan installed.  It gets a little warm upstairs at night.
Smiley girl before bed.  She loves her comfy bed.
Bed time for me too.  One thing I always like to do before I climb into bed, is make the sheets all nice and even and then roll over the side for me to climb in to.  Kevin was working this day, I need to get more pictures of him into this week!  Here's to Thursday!

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