Monday, May 13, 2019

week in the life 2019 / sunday.

Today I will be sharing my Sunday photos and words for the Week in the Life project. All photos were taken with my iPhone.  

Here is a look into my Sunday photos and words...
Sunday morning started out with Kevin going to work, and miss Hadley coming into our bed to watch her iPad for a few minutes.  She looks so snuggly in our bed.
For breakfast we had cinnamon rolls, the way I like them since it was Mother's Day and all.  I like mine all squished together, and not cooked all the way so they are super soft.  Hadley didn't seem to notice.
We had orange juice in our wedding favor mugs, mine had champagne.
Hadley has been playing with her old car seat we used for her when she was a baby and putting her baby dolls in it.  She likes to put the car seat right by George and pretends he's the babysitter.
Vacuumed the house and cleaned a little bit.  Yep, on Mother's Day.  It needed it though.
After a little bit of cleaning, we went to get flowers to plant!  We didn't get to the actual planting of them because it was a little chilly and rainy but at least they are ready to be planted.
Hadley took a nice long three hour nap, while she slept I did a few blog posts and started watching Dead To Me on Netflix.  It's pretty good, a little slow, but I was interested!  When Hadley woke up, we made a new version of slime.  We used clear glue, and added blue food coloring.  She loves the color blue!
Kevin had flowers sent on Thursday, and we celebrated Mother's Day on Saturday with a steak dinner since he had to work on actual Mother's Day.  The big kids were with there Mom. 
While I was cooking dinner, well not really cooking because all we had was mac/cheese.  For dinner lately, Hadley has been wanting me to eat the same dinner as her.  I do it sometimes, but I need more than just mac/cheese some nights.  But anyways, she has learned how to put DVD's in all by herself, so we watched Beethoven's Second.  
Loved this Tweet from the Cincy Fire & EMS department!
Earlier in the day, Hadley and I did these, and for the life of me I cannot remember what they are called!  It's when you put your pen in the circle, and draw it around and around and it makes these neat designs, goodness I cannot remember.  Sketch-o-gram?  But anyways, Hadley hung these on our fridge.  Our fridge doesn't do magnets so we use tape sometimes.

Overall, it was a good Mother's Day.  We are going to celebrate Mother's Day and my Mom's birthday this week so we'll see her then.  It was nice to be at home with Hadley and do our own thing.   Here's to Sunday and the last day of #weekinthelife!

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