Tuesday, May 7, 2019

week in the life 2019 / monday.

Today I will be sharing my Monday photos and words for the Week in the Life project. All photos were taken with my iPhone.  

Here is a look into my Monday photos and words...
Kevin made my lunch today in a brown paper bag, it made me laugh when I saw it on the kitchen counter!  Hadley couldn't find her lunch box for school, so she used mine.
Drove into work, my day varies on start times.  Depends on the week and Kevin's schedule.  We park at a casino garage, and walk about a half mile to work everyday.
Lunch time was 11:30am, was starving since I didn't eat breakfast.
Picked up Hadley from school, she had a great day took a good nap, and played outside.  Her new teacher is really awesome so far, she has goals set for her this summer to get her more prepared for kindergarten.  
We tend to stay outside for awhile after we get home, especially when it's so nice out.  
We have bleeding hearts right off of our back deck, they were there from the previous owners.  At first I thought they were weeds, but thanks to a friend for figuring out what they were!
Headed inside to start dinner.  Shrimp for me, I love to mix any type of seasoning with my shrimp.  For this dinner, I put cajun seasoning all over after it's rinsed and defrosted.  Then I added pepper, garlic powder, and cooked it in coconut oil with minced garlic.  So good!
Hadley had a lunchable, hot dogs, a capri sun, and a piece of chocolate.  She was super tired so sometimes we let her watch her iPad.  I know that is not good, but we do limit her time on that thing.
Love to cook shrimp because it's so quick and easy!
Daddy worked tonight, so it's just Hadley, George and I.
After dinner, we went outside for a few more minutes again.  I like to sweep the front sidewalk every few days.  George loves to just sit and watch the street, people walking, cars driving by, he's happy.
After we went outside for a few, we put our jammies on.  Before bedtime we either watch a movie for a little bit or read a book.  Tonight it was the movie Night At The Museum.  Hadley likes to get a small snack before bed some nights, and we don't eat anywhere in the house except for the kitchen.  So she's sitting on the step in the kitchen eating her gushers.  Have to keep the house nice as long as we can!
While Hadley was watching her movie, George was whining so I let him out to do his business.
Winding down for the night before we go up to bed.  Bed time was around 8:15pm.

After Hadley went to bed, I changed over the laundry then went to bed myself.  I was exhausted!  This is my Monday, hope you enjoyed the photos!  I love week in the life, and seeing everyone who participates how they share each day.  Here's to Monday!

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