Sunday, May 12, 2019

week in the life 2019 / friday.

Today I will be sharing my Friday photos and words for the Week in the Life project. All photos were taken with my iPhone.  

Here is a look into my Friday photos and words...
 It's been a long week, training is exhausting.  So a big happy smile it's Friday!
No photos during the day again, except the last as I'm walking out to leave for the day.
Ice cream for dessert on this chilly Friday.
Family photo freezing our booties off while Hadley eats her blue ice cream.
George has been super chill since we found out he has signs of arthritis in his hip.
 Georgie poo.
My sweet Hadley.

Friday was a super chill evening, we stayed in for dinner, went out for ice cream for Hadley, and then just chilled at home.  Ready to get the weekend started!  Here's to Friday!

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