Friday, May 17, 2019

around here.

around here started the week off by meal prepping a little bit.  Hadley is mixing up eggs for egg muffins, we mixed cheese and spinach with them.  Kevin is chopping chicken for dinner.  I find it very helpful to always include Hadley in the kitchen with us, it might take longer, but she loves to help and prevents after school melt downs too!
around here foggy morning view from my work building.
around here the Grove shipment this month!  Love the hand sanitizer, and can't wait to try the pest control in the house!
around here playing outside almost everyday after school.
around here little miss grown up crossing her legs in her car seat.
around here baby Ari smiles by Uncle Kevin.
around here family photos are the best.
around here planted flowers for our front porch!  Had the best little helper in all the land.
around here after planting flowers, her car needed a good wash.  She loves playing with the hose!
around here drawing on her pad of paper while watching a movie before bed.
around here I've been asked to sleep with Layla.  Hadley loves to share her babies with me for bed time.
around here for dinner we made a white garlic chicken flatbread for dinner, it was delicious!
around here checked out our new Kroger Marketplace!  It's so awesome, I'm going to spend a fortune every time I go.
around here my brother and I playing around with SnapChat filters.  I'm on the left as a guy, and he's on the right as a girl, hilarious!

Happy Friday folks!  Good week, busy week.  Busy like a bee, you could say.  This week has been one of those where it was super busy, but moved at a very slow pace.  I'm so glad the weekend is here!  The weather forecast looks like it's going to be warm, yes!  Finally!  We have a busy weekend ahead, Aunt Cindy is here, a bridal shower, the kids come back, and we have a double header in volleyball!

Happy weekend.  Hold on tight, May is flying.  

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