Monday, April 1, 2019

it's April.

April is here!  Let's hope not many showers this month, I feel like it rained a ton in March this year!  March was good.  Progress on the home front.  Small progress on the blog front.  Zero progress on the cleaning out the other side of the garage front.  It'll get there!

This month, I have plans for every weekend except one!  That's awesome and will help the time pass by so the warmer temperatures can arrive quickly.  It will also help me be smart about how I spend my weekends.  I predict fewer Netflix shows, and more of being outside with the fam.

Here we go April.  And come on Spring!

P.S.  The 100 day project starts tomorrow! Are you in?

P.S.S.  No idea why the photos are so blurry!  They are clear when I download them.  Any suggestions?

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