Thursday, March 21, 2019

thirsty thursday / vodka tonic.

Since I turned 21, I've always been a beer or rum drinker when it comes to alcohol.  Like always would drink beer, or rum and cokes.  Those were my go to drinks for the longest time.  And then, I started drinking rum all the time.  No beer. 

My favorite type of rum is what I call Kroger rum, because if you can buy it at Kroger it's not really a strong liquor right?  Parrot Bay Coconut Rum is my absolute favorite, and I drink it with Zevia Cola.  Which is a zero calorie cola, which justifies drinking the calories in the coconut rum.

Recently, I've been drinking vodka and tonic water, with a splash of lime juice.  It's surprisingly not too bad.  Vodka is a different acquired taste for me, when I'm so used to rum.  So I'm working on trying new drinks, now that we have a fully stocked bar cart

What is your favorite alcoholic drink right now?

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