Thursday, March 7, 2019

thirsty thursday / bar cart.

Happy Thirsty Thursday!

In our new home, we have done things a little differently with the living and dining rooms.  In the dining room, I made that the office area.  In the living room, I made that the dining room area.  So in honor of Thirsty Thursday, here is our new bar cart!  This is sitting in the living room, along with our table and chairs.  We didn't want the normal living room where you have a bunch of nicer furniture that no one sits on except for special occasions.  We want a house that you live in!

So the bar cart.  It's awesome.  I wrote out a long list of different liquors, mixers, etc., and my lovely hubby went and stocked it all.  Everything we pretty much had on hand as far as storing all the bottles.  
In all of my adult life so far, I've never owned a cocktail shaker set, and it came with a little recipe book.  
It's hard to see, but on the side of the bar cart is a little place to hang a towel.  These dish towels were super cute with different liquors and drink types all over.  

So there is our bar cart, we love it!  Now I just wonder how this whole thing will work out when the kids get into high school / college!  Might have to re-think it, but for now, it'll work where we have it.  And if we do have to change it, so be it.  We have awhile to enjoy it.  Can't wait to entertain more in our new home.

Bar Cart : Walmart
Cocktail Shaker : Amazon
Dishtowel Set : Amazon

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