Monday, March 11, 2019

bits from the weekend.

Saturday we walked in the Shamrock Shuffle, it was a fun little 5k race to walk in with the family.
After the race, we hung out in the car to feed baby Ari.  Baby smiles are the best.
When your four year old wants you to eat the same dinner as her, you do it.  Dinosaur chicken nuggets and mac/cheese.  These moments won't last forever, so I'm soaking them all in while they are here.
Nothing like a made bed with pretty pillows.  Our comforter looks like it matches the wall color, but it does not.  The wall is a greenish type color, and the comforter is gray.  We plan on painting our room a different color, but that will all come in time. 

Happy Monday everyone!  The temperatures look like they are going to get a little warmer this week, bring on the warm temps and hopefully a bit of sunshine please! 

Are you ready to start the week?  I am.  Let's do this!

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