Friday, March 15, 2019

around here.

around here getting outside for one day this week was just glorious.   We took a walk with George, and can't wait for summer days.
around here ate dinner in the dining room with the babies. 
around here when Hadley goes to bed, sometimes she'll put her babies to bed too.  This night, she gave them each a blankey to sleep with.  She's going to make a great Mom someday.
around here did some meal prep this week, and it helps so much with lunches!
around here this night, each baby got a blankey and a stuffed animal to sleep with.  It's so sweet!
around here we had a tornado warning, so we headed to the basement.  Hadley was a little scared, but it wasn't a warning long.  We went outside to look at the skies, it was so pretty but weird.

The theme of the week should be babies!  Anyways,  happy Friday!  Another week in the books for 2019.  Ever feel like the weeks just fly by and you don't know where the time went?  I wish time could slow down.  What's up for this weekend is not much.  Kevin has to take Brady to baseball a million miles away, and then St. Patrick's Day!  Nothing planned, but maybe we'll make some green snacks or something.  Either way, it's the weekend!  Have a good one...

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