Wednesday, March 6, 2019

3 months in our home.

We've been in our new home for three months today!  It's been amazing.  We are so in love and so happy we've found our forever home.  This past weekend, we had people over for my 40th birthday, which some were seeing the house for the first time, and some have seen it a few times already.

It was obvious when we first moved in, the house did not need a lot of work.  The only thing it technically needed was some fresh coats of paint.  But nothing that really needed updating or fixed at all.  We've done a lot of work on the first floor in three months as far as decor goes.  Kevin painted the living room and dining room, changed out the hardware in the bathroom, hung some shelving and some decor items.

We call it our mansion, because to us, it is a mansion.  Our old house was a small 4 bedroom cape cod, it was the best house though.  The pool was amazing.  We made lots of great memories there, but now it's time for new memories at this house.  I can't wait to see the kids grow up in this house, Kevin and I grow in our marriage, and last but not least, our dog George too.

Once I figure out why the photos are loading all blurry, I will post updates of before and afters. 

Happy 3 months new home!

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