Wednesday, February 27, 2019

k&m / february.

A new year of K&M monthly posts!  Yay!  Here is what we've been up to this month...

February is the blah month.

Nothing really fun happens except Valentines Day.

Kevin sent me flowers at work!

Watched the boring Superbowl together.

We went to the Auto Expo to dream about new cars.

He wants a jeep or a truck.

She wants an Acadia.

It's nice to dream, but we are keeping our cars until they die.

He volunteered at Hadleys school, showed the kids all his fire gear.

Hadley was so excited.

Chandlers for dinner is becoming a routine for Friday nights.

Which will soon change.

He's been updating the house with stuff she can't do very well.

Like hanging things on the wall, measuring so they are perfectly even.

She just buys the cute stuff for him to put up.

So lucky we both like the same stuff for home decor.

Loving our new home!

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